New Black Gospel

grandma as a child NBG final copy

What is it?

The purpose of The New Black Gospel is to provide a safe space for those who are relegated to the margins. It is a podcast created by a Black woman writer who has finally broken free of her silence. The New Black Gospel is a culmination of experiences: of those of the host, of those she’s encountered, and those she hasn’t. It is a bandage for the bleeding, an attempt at forgiveness for our trespasses, and, more so, a radical act of self care for the marginalized. The New Black Gospel hopes to be a gentle embrace of Black love, an expression of the African diaspora in all of its dynamic nature. For too long many of us have gone without mirrors and records. The New Black Gospel is here to hold up a mirror and say, “You’re beautiful”; it is here to remember the steps of our feet.

Thank you:

Koolie Daggers for always keeping it, for a lack of a better word, cool. And to Taja Cheek for creating a theme song of beauty and resistance.

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