new year’s eve/new year’s day

You say if you could leave him

stranded on a day

in a past you both shared

you would. You would

leave him standing on

the Jersey Shore

sight lines set on sea

and you would

whisper to the waves

the caries of love that

carry you back to his


And when he calls your name

the sea responds

wave, breaking

wave, breaking


of all the words

you will speak

when you’re gone.


your wings, too fragile

you wings (too fragile

to sweep the air)

mire you

to the ground like

a collar.

the asters of daybreak

(the bar between here

and boundlessness)

summon your quills up

(i see them quiver

i hoist you)

your wingtips

graze the stars


(the immovability of)

darkness pins you in the sky,

a curtain.

(you have always been my favorite fixture)

look at how the universe sways for you.